We are in an interesting time and space in home décor when it comes to china cabinets, or what are more recently referred to as wall units. Why the change in name? Because no longer is this furniture piece just for holding and displaying fine china.

This leads us to another question that we are often asked, “Are wall units or china cabinets out of style?” Our answer is an emphatic and resounding, “No!” Especially, not now. As your home office begs for greater functionality a wall unit becomes a necessity. It provides storage space for books and papers, a backdrop for your zoom meetings and the go to cabinet for your 5:00 happy hour.

For a long period of time, china cabinets were a symbol of home when many households had one to decorate their most formal rooms where they spent precious time with family and friends. Whether they were placed in the living or dining area, china cabinets always caught the attention of guests by displaying the household’s “finer things” that the owner might prefer to have seen but not necessarily touched.

Even though contemporary designers are busy designing modular shelves that unite the living space, kitchen, and dining area into one flowing family zone, the use of a classic hutch or china cabinet is very alluring. Today, the functionality of an enclosed wall unit is limitless. It can serve as a bookcase, a bar cabinet, or a display case for photographs and collectibles, as well as offer creative storage solutions for linens, silver, candles and other entertainment and tabletop accessories. Who doesn’t need more storage?

A wall unit is also no longer held hostage to a formal living room or dining room. At Designer’s Studio, we have several that would be perfect in a family room or kitchen, as well. Besides the traditional method of displaying dinnerware, you can choose to display other items such as plants, earthenware, books, vinyl records, quilts, and other smaller items that demonstrate your own interests leaving the coffee table, end tables and mantle clear and more open.

One more word of advice: once you place a wall unit on that large open wall in your home, don’t neglect the top of it. Often, that is the perfect space for taller items that will add height and interest to the lofty space above.

Currently, there are three beautiful and very differently designed wall units on the studio floor. We invite you to consider the following videos of each piece and plan to stop in to see several others not included here. One of our design team members would welcome the opportunity to talk through your own special style, space, and potential storage needs. Come stroll the studio!

Featured Wall Units

Liz shares a French Country wall unit by Sherrill Furniture Co. It is a wonderfully tall option for those with high ceilings.

Geri shares an extremely unique bookcase by French Heritage and suggests placement in the kitchen, rather than a living or dining room.

Liz shares an elegant, handmade wall unit by David Michael that is currently on the studio floor. Lead glass windows, and an arched façade with key lock doors, makes it a lovely place to display special keepsakes or house your barware in any entertaining space.