The COVID-19 crisis seems to be accelerating a shift toward remote work. More and more companies are announcing that social distancing protocols are shifting employees to working from home for good.

In a sense, the end of an essential office space outside of the home has been a long time coming. In the 1960s, American futurist Melvin Webber predicted that the world would reach a “post-city age,” in which “it might be possible to locate on a mountain top and to maintain intimate, real-time, and realistic contact with business or other associates.”

During the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, the rise of Internet-based companies made that future seem closer than ever. Once distance doesn’t matter, the logic goes, offices become irrelevant.

It may seem like we are reaching this point. From newscasters to office workers, jobs once thought to necessitate a shared workplace are being performed from home during the pandemic.

Research from a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that people who work their same office schedule from home get more done per day. The employees’ explanation? The quiet environment helped their productivity.

What’s more, working from home gives you the freedom to create the space you need to do the work you need to do. At home, you can control (at least most of) the features of your surroundings and it all starts with a comfortable desk.

At Designer’s Studio, we currently have 3 unique desk styles on the studio floor that just might increase your comfort and productivity, while complimenting your home design and lifestyle.

The Up-and-Down Desk by Gat Creek

This desk transitions between seated to a standing height with the push of a button. The top moves effortlessly between 28 and 47 inch tabletop heights. Four programmable memory buttons save preferred settings. The solid wood top may be customized to your preference of finish and desk size. Each desk is made by a single craftsman who uniquely signs and dates the piece upon completion. This desk will arrive to your home with complimentary set-up.

See Liz’s Demonstration of the Up-and-Down desk:

Folding Secretary Desk by Old Hickory Tannery

Proudly made by hand by skilled craftsmen in America, this secretary desk is a real space saver. It folds up and down so you may manage your office space around your daily lifestyle. Old Hickory Tannery searches back alleys, attics, and all over America and Europe to find enduring styles of timeless designs. This folding secretary desk is a piece that will be cherished and passed down to future generations.

Take a closer look at this truly unique piece:

Waterfall Desk by Lancaster Iron & Wood

This Live Edge desk is a style that incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Pennsylvania based Lancaster Iron & Wood are masters of this furniture style. The Waterfall Desk seamlessly transitions the Live Edge top with a metal base at one end and solid wood base on the other. It may be customized to your preferences in size and finish. The Waterfall Desk, currently on the studio floor, will be a great piece of furniture to compliment your existing aesthetic and a special locally-made conversation piece, as well.

See Geri’s commentary on this desk: