The struggle is real. Creating a productive “work-from-home” space while others are also observing the current safe-at-home guidelines can be a challenge. Without addressing it, productivity will most certainly be compromised.

At the studio, we have created a sample office space vignette that addresses the same situation that many are facing at home right now. If you are clear that your work-from-home situation is only temporary, then investing in new home furnishings may not be necessary. Or as this situation continues, you may be realizing that it is time to consider the right desk or a more appropriate chair while also rearranging other items you already have at home.

Although it may sound silly, a spare corner is by far the least expensive way to set up a home workspace. However, using a spare corner of the house comes with disadvantages. If you are not alone at home, you will have to deal with a lack of privacy and noise which may not be ideal for zoom conference calls.

A poll by Entrepreneur magazine has revealed that the dining room is the most popular room of the house to convert into a temporary home business workspace. It is a quick solution in a room not usually used very often. Unfortunately, most dining rooms do not have doors that close, so that room may not be very privacy appropriate either.

A spare bedroom was revealed to be the second-most popular choice for almost any type of home-based business during this time of quarantine. Here, you can create the full office experience or use as much or as little space as you need. In addition, since this is a dedicated workspace, you can decorate as you choose and take care of functional needs while gaining the privacy necessary for conference calls. It also allows you to shut the door during off-work hours and leave it behind until the next necessary work time.

Our vignette includes an understated, modern desk with a comfortable chair of proper height. Additionally, we positioned a desk lamp that gives focused light to the tabletop complimented by a few useful aesthetics including a magnifying glass, wastepaper can, picture frame and hourglass sand timer.

Designer’s Studio is here to assist with furnishings to make your workspace functional, as well as more comfortable during this time of uncertainty. We are currently scheduling virtual appointments and would welcome the opportunity to understand your needs. Reach out by email at or phone at (814) 364-9220 and one of our design team members will be in touch on or before the next business day.