Making the right decision about window treatments for your home involves analyzing the reasons behind why you are choosing to cover the windows, and you may have more than one need in each space. Generally, we have a functional need, as well as an aesthetic desire which is why the days of mini blinds are behind us! At Designer’s Studio, we offer a selection of beautiful and functional shades. The array of options will truly transform your home.

The following are considerations when choosing your style of window treatment:

Beauty and aesthetic: We all want to enjoy how our home looks. For this reason, we think carefully about paint colors, the sofa that we choose and the pillows that we put on that sofa. The window treatments are no different. From hard treatments such as blinds, shades and shutters, to soft drapery treatments, window treatments are a great place to add color, pattern and texture to your space.

Light control: No one wants a glare on the big screen TV during the game or when you are creating a home theater environment. Perhaps you work 3rd shift and need to sleep during the day. A blackout shade with drapery to prevent any light from getting through is a terrific lifestyle solution.

Privacy: Having neighbors is a wonderful part of suburban living, but window treatments will provide appropriate privacy. During the day, those outside of your house can’t really see in, but at night, if you turn a light on, your home becomes a fishbowl. One example of a privacy solution is a top-down bottom-up lifting system that allows you to have privacy in your bathroom, while still letting in sunlight.

Sound absorption: If you have large rooms with high ceilings, or just large rooms, echoes of sounds from kids and pets, or just from your own shoes when you’re walking across a hardwood floor can be distracting. The solution to this is to use fabric blinds on your windows. These will cut down the sound, and warm up the room, literally and visually. A high-quality window treatment will also help diffuse outside road noise from entering your home.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency: A variety of shades will provide you top-of-the-line home insulation helping to cut down on your home heating and cooling costs. Many of the options we have are known for their superior energy efficiency without compromising style.

Sun Protection: If you’ve made an investment in furnishings you want them to look new for some time, but the sun has a bleaching effect over time. Even a sheer window treatment like a Silhouette, helps to protect your furniture from fading over time.

At Designer’s Studio, we pride ourselves in being solution specialists. Call us today to book an in-home consultation. We will bring samples and fabrics along so that you can choose the right product for your space right in the room the treatments will live in. Let’s get creative!

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