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Shop brilliant lighting fixtures.

When your lighting is set to create the perfect ambiance – the world feels right.  Whatever your style, you can shop beautiful and functional lighting at Designer’s Studio!  Stroll through our Centre Hall location in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania to find various ceiling lights, unusual table lamps and floor lamp inspiration mixed into the furniture room displays.

We are able to assist in selecting light fixtures which complement your decor.  Allow a designer to collaborate with you to find the type, size and placement of lighting for any home refresh.  While we recommend electrical professionals for final installation, here you can find unique, stylish interior and designer lighting fixtures.

Pendant lights

Pendant Lights

Beautiful selections for hanging above kitchen islands and beside vanity mirrors. Pendant lighting can blend seamlessly into the scene or shine as statement pieces.



Shine warmth and functionality into foyers, dining and entertaining spaces through the largest member of the ceiling light family.

Wall sconces

Wall Sconces

Deck fireplaces, bathroom mirrors, or hallways with wall sconces to illuminate daily routines.

Tables lamps

Table Lamps

Cast light right where it’s most useful. Smart table lamps are a great way to personalize your space.

Floor lamps

Floor Lamps

Brighten corners or layer over furniture pieces for task lighting right where you need it.

Functional floor lighting

Functional Floor Lamps

Tuck lighting anywhere with adjustable floor lamps – perfect for extra reading light.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Yes! You can choose decorative outdoor lighting options for a home with personality inside and out.  

Dramatic lighting

Dramatic Lighting

Looking for out-of-the-ordinary? Choose lighting worth talking about after the party’s over.

Lighting sets of two

Sets of Two

Some lamps are stunning in a matching pair on either side of a sofa or bed!

Featured Brands

Not sure which lighting fixtures will create the perfect ambiance in your space? Our designers can guide you through our selection and assist you in choosing lighting that you'll love!


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