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luxury lamps and lighting

Shop brilliant lighting fixtures. 

When lighting is set to create the perfect ambiance - the world feels right.  While intensity can set the mood - lighting is an important functional aspect to any room you love to be in.  Find a look that shines with your style in our selection of designer lamps and lighting.

You can illuminate your possibilities when you shop for lighting at our State College location.  Here you can find various hanging light fixtures as well as unusual table and floor lamps to uplift your space.  Our designers can assist you in choosing lighting which complements your style and fits well into your room.


  • Chandeliers shine with warmth and functionality - they add life to your foyer, dining, and entertaining spaces. 
  • Wall sconces in hallways and over vanities can illuminate daily routines. 
  • Pendant lighting over kitchen islands can slip seamlessly into the scene or pop as a statement piece. 
  • Floor lamps brighten corners or reach light over furniture pieces to give light needed for reading and other tasks.
  • Table lamps cast light where you need it and are a great way to personalize your space.

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